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I can't believe I'm still hurting!


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I am still hurting. It's been a little over 4 months since she left me, and I had to see her today to exchange some things of ours. It was very short, we met at a predetermined place, and there was not even any small talk. I asked how she was etc, but she only gave me one word answers. This only lasted a couple of minutes. Once we were done, we both said "see ya", and we got into our cars and left.


The problem is that seeing her for the first time in 4 months really hit me hard. I am now sliding back down, and don't know what to do. I was doing great until this little meeting. But one thing I did not do is try and get her back! I am still leaving her space, but I have no idea what she is thinking. The lack of interest on her part makes me think that she is either still in love with me, feels guilty as to the reason she left, or just does not care. Hmmmm. I still want her back as you can tell, but I think I am losing the battle.


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Hey Mark,


I have read your posting. I am sorry that things didn't go the way you planned them to happen. I can see how you still would like to be with her.


Mark, my suggestion is this: I understand you'd like to be with her and that you still have feelings for her. This meeting didn't really help in your healing process (after all, you were doing a little better before). However, while 'waiting' for her, I would keep your eyes open. I would suggest you to talk to other girls even though it's for the fun of it and nothing serious. My suggestion is that you don't entirely focus on her.


I hoped this helped you. Keep healing ... good luck


~ SwingFox ~

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Yeah the visual thing gets to me, i removed all pictures of my girl, and everything that reminds me of her. and this has helped me a bit.


But have one major problem, Halle Barry, you see my girlfriend and Halle looks so much alike that she reminds me of her, and the pain starts again, and she keeps popping up all over the place, TV, magazines, and the net. heck i just had a pop up with her on it a few minutes ago.


I like Halle Barry the actress, but i wish that there was a Halle Barry filter LOL. this reminds me of the movie "Clockwork Orange" where the mind sets up associations between things and experiences/feelings.


before the breakup with my ex, i went to see that 007 flick, and when I saw Barry kissing Bond i couldnt help but feel a little Jeolous, its really kind of funny. It happens with music with a lot of people, the "Oh they are playing her song" etc.


I guess ill know when im completely healed when i can look at my ex-girlfriends pictures again (have them just for that purpose) and not feel anymore pain or loss. this way i know im ready to move on. i dont want to carry my emotional scars into the next relationship.

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