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She will be with me one day????


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She Just Broke off with her Bf two weeks ago. .. She said she likes me and i also likes her... she says she also have some residual feeling for her ex but they really can't be together again she said... But i really dont get it... SHe likes me and i like her, Why Not start A new refreshing relationship with me.... she doesnt even gives me a chance now..

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Ok, There's a couple problems, most times when people break up form relationships, they are scared to join a new one immediately. Break-ups are very bad feelings and starting a new relationship makes them think of the pain they are suffering now will have to be dealt with later on. The best advice I can give you is to not push her into a relationship, but get to know her a lot better and when the time feels right, you'll know and you can begin a relationship when she's ready. Good luck.

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Hi Sick Boy,


Thank you for coming to our message board again with your questions. I am sorry to read that things don't go yet as you have planned, but I would keep up your hopes.


AJHT is right down to the bottom. Breaking up is a very hard thing to do. Stepping into a new relationship right away might look like a rebound relationship, in which a woman/man is just trying to get confirmation.


I think this young lady needs a little time to get her act together again. To heal from the wounds that she caught from her previous relationship. May be not as strong: but what if her former b/f was abusive to her? Anything could have happened in that relationship and my guess is that she needs time to give it all a place.


My suggestions to you are:


1) Tell her that you're there for her and that you'll listen if she needs a pair of ears.

2) Listen to her and try to be understanding

3) Compliment her

4) Try to take her out to do things, such as bowling. This will take her mind away from things.


Good luck


~ SwingFox ~

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Sometimes you break up for a reason like I like this guy over here and not that guy over there! When that happens it is still good to move forward slowly into the other relationship, or sometimes you haven't been together long enough to feel anything for the person that you just let go!


I would say that normally there is some affection left over for the old love!


If you pressure someone into a relationship that they arn't interested in you'll never get to know them and build up a positive motive for them to stay with you.

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