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A message for all you guys out there Just because a grl has a pretty face and and awesome body does not entitle her to treat you like filth. HAVE SOME SELF RESPECT GUYS, at the end of the day we don't want a serious relationships with bimbos, gold diggers, or nut cases. these ppl are just there for the fun of it, they use and should just be used back, no mercy, no pity, cause they never showed any to us when we were daft enough to forgive, forget, and treat them with the respect, and dignity which they did not deserve. So hold your heads up, your pride first! running after them and howling a mixture of abuse, self pity, love declerations and promises of a better future together will never get you anywhere. Just pull up your socks and focus on your OWN life. Find your self esteem outside a relationship, try to be better people, but better still, learn to accept yourselves as you are, and don't let your mercenery X gf's lead you by the nose. as many other contributors pointed out before, if they love you , and you always treated them with respect, they will come back. If they don't, then just walk away, throw away the photos, letters, numbers, and start afresh. thats the best way, and in the long run, the only way.

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