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What led to the breakup? Is it something entirely his fault? Or is it just that he found another girl and slowly lost interest? Or maybe something else?


I know what it's like to feel so heartbroken. It struck me at a very bad time in my life when I was dealing with depression. Double the pleasure, double the fun, eh? I just had to deal with it and slog onwards. My advice to you would be to do two things:


A. Talk to a therapist. Depression is serious. It can make your life a living he11, even kill you if it gets bad enough. Head it off as soon as possible. Plus, therapists know how to help you with your relationship troubles better than I do.


B. Move on. Find ways to push it out of your mind and convince yourself that you're happily single - "independent" is a much nicer word, don't you think? Until the feelings go away, tell him you're going to leave friendship out of it entirely. Escape reality somehow - find a passion and dive headlong into it. Exercise of any kind is possibly the best thing to get into, as it gives you a real endorphin rush that stops you from brooding and feeling lonely on the neurochemical level. You become physiologically incapable of sadness. Good deal!

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Hi Enchanter,


Yes, things will get better in the end. Try to keep yourself occupied, however, if you feel down, experience the pain. Accept the pain as part of your healing process. If possible, talk to your friends about what you're going through and ask them for feedback. That all will help you speeding up the healing process.


... Time will heal your wounds ...


I wish you good luck and strength.


~ SwingFox ~

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