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Best ways to shave ''down there'' ..Men

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How to Prevent Skin Irritation from Shaving | RestOviebelle

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I think I have overly sensitive skin, so shaving almost always results in razor burn, at least a little bit. So like the other day I decided to shave, down there, and it looked great, but then the hair started to grow back and with that comes bumps, pimples, pores with 2 hairs growing out, it looks horrendous, it always happens regardless of whether or not it's a new razor, or what kind of strokes I use, This time I used Bump patrol shaving gel and aftershave, and a Gilette fusion power razor with a fresh blade. What could I do to prevent bumps from forming when the hair grows back?

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Alright well as an avid shaver going on years+ there have been a few things that I've learned. Sorry if this gets a little personal, but I mean really, how can it not be?


First. If this is a first time thing you can't go in there with the razor like a chainsaw and expect to hack down the brush. Get some electric trimmers or clippers, and trim it as short as possible. Then pick up the razor.


If you're new, meaning this isn't a regular habit for you, don't go against the hair. This will only cause pain while you're shaving, and irritation when you're done. Go with the direction the hair grows. If you have a quality, fresh razor it should still get it very close.


Personally, I don't use any cream. I do it in the shower, at the end when my skin has had time to warm up and soften. Use the water as a lube, and do very small strokes.


If you do get some razor burn or irritation, put some bump stop cream on it. They sell this at Safeway, CVS, etc etc. But after a week or two of continuous shaving your skin should get used to it.


Use a GOOD razor. I use a gillete fusion like mentioned above. Change the blade about every week. This seems to be the safest razor as well. Meaning I use it for everything. Balls and all. It has a lot of surface area, so it's very hard to get any loose skin caught in the blade. It may be kind of scary at first, but you'll get used to it in no time.


Once your body gets used to the shaving, you can go against the skin and get it as smooooth as a baby's butt. However be warned, this is good for a day, maybe 2 max. If you shave all the way to the bare skin, it will get irritated. After I do a super close shave, I let it grow back out for about a week before I start again. Usually I only do this for special occasions. I.e. going out for the night with a girl, weekends, etc. Regularly I go with the direction of the hair and it get it pretty close. Almost like stubble.


Stay away from waxing. I've tried this. Not only does it HURT. But the skin down there is WAY to sensitive to that kind of treatment. It's like trying to wax the hair from your head. There's no way you'll get it all, and it's not worth the money or effort.


Hope this helps...

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