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She REALLLY wants me

WTF is Dry Dating? | Guide to Dry D...
WTF is Dry Dating? | Guide to Dry Dating

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A few weeks back i go out to the bar after work for a few drinks with my bud. We end up getting picked up by these 2 girls, he sorta knew the one already and i took her friend (6 years older then me). I figured, what the hey i dont work tomorrow so we all went back to her place. She wanted sex from me that night, but came off as a bit of a ho so i declined. She calls me up a week or so after and we go to the movies. Friday she invites me out for a drink and pays for all of them, we end up going back to her place. In chat over our past 3 outings she's said to me "I am a ho bag". Again she hounds me for sex while staying over at her place. Last night was her birthday party and she invited me out to hit up the bar with herself and some friends. Her and i end up back at her place yet again. This time she confronts me about it, "Why is it that you dont want to have sex with me?". So i told her the honest truth, that sex has a lot of meaning for me and i'm not all the way over my x, thus not ready to have sex with other people yet.


She's nice and fun to hang out with, but i'm just not really feeling it. The fact that she's a ho does put a bit of a damper on it but it doesnt bother me that much. I'm giving her a fair chance, hencing going out with her a few times. But i really dont see things going anywhere. Is it better to try and friendzone this situation or just cut the cord?

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