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i think i'm going crazy


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i have lots of problems. i think i'm going crazy, life is meaningless and thought of suicide.


i am an introvert guy, i don't talk much so can say that i lack social skills. also the fact that i lack confidence in myself.


problem arises is i kept job hopping. it seems i don't have objective in life and i seem to keep moving from job to another. recently i quit my job because i couldn't stand my boss and my job, and was unemployed for 3 months.


i continue to look for job. but now i found a new job, somehow i ask myself, what do i want from this? the pass 3 months of unemployment made me realise that my life is work, work, work. without work is like meaningless.


and now i found a job, still i question myself, why am i rushing to work daily? what is the meaning of life? i felt so empty.


and because of the quiet nature of myself, i find it hard for people to accept me. they may look at my 'silent' as unfriendly and yet i find it hard to approach people.


sometimes colleagues will be joking nearby, though i heard their conversation but i will just continue work and do not join in the conversation.


any advice?

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You could try and get out of your comfort zone, join in the conversation, whats the worse that could happen if you start chatting to them?


Could you go to counselling to try and get over your anxiety?


Being introvert and quiet isnt a bad thing, and most people wonder at points what is the point of all this? The point is your alive, the world is yours, you can do what you like, see what you like,

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It sounds like you're suffering from depression. Are you seeing a therapist? Would you consider it?


Being an introvert isn't a bad thing. 1/4th of the world are introverts. I know how it feels, because I'm one, too. But being an introvert doesn't mean life is meaningless; it just means that you like your alone time.


It's actually the extroverts I worry about. Always having to socialize, and feeling empty when they don't? Makes me feel blessed to not have to rush from social aspect to social aspect. Count your blessings.

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