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sex...penis too big=painful


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To follow my post from yesterday:


Is there anything that I do to make sex less painful? My boyfriend has a pretty large penis and sometimes when he thrusting in certain ways it is really painful.


I was not a virgin...I had, had sex before but I had never felt any pain till him. don't get me wrong the sex is off the charts but it hurts too much sometimes...I subconsciously push him away.


I feel awful because he is super sweet and I just wanted him to feel the same amount if pleasure that I am getting as well...


Any suggestions?

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Hmm...he needs to pace himself and realize that he can't go all the way in. I'd use a ton of lube regardless of the body's natural lube..so to speak. Learn some new tricks, like some new things with your mouth or hands to resort to when you're feeling too much pain.

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Sounds like you just need to look at him and be like "Woah killer, there isn't a prize for making me walk funny for a few days"


Basically just explain to him that when he thrusts really hard that it stops feeling good and starts hurting.


1. this will let him know how you are feeling.

2. this will pump his sexual ego up, cause hey what guy doesn't like to hear he has a big wang

3. As said above maybe he will find something new to do with himself that will make sex even better.


Hope this helps

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