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Stuck on asking her out


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Hello everyone, first time poster on this forums, but I've been reading tons of topics with great advice. So i'm here for seeking some suggestions of what should I do, and how to do it.


So the story is that i've been in love with this girl for about 3 months now. I'm 19 and always thought of dating as a short term kind of thing. So I never really had a 'real girl friend' before. I'm weird that when you find your soul mate it would just hit you so it's not worth dating short term. Something just clicked with her and I, instantly fell for her. Dreaming of her and nonstop thinking about her, basically making me go crazy which never happened to me before. So anyway, she's one of my co-workers which makes it kinda hard but she only works weekends so it's not that bad. When I had my yearly review my manager which apparently really good with the girl im in love with mom and she's been asking who I was because her daughter has been talking about me at home, in a good way hah. So what i've done so far is adding her to face book and casually talking with her. A day later it came to IM on face book. Sounds so corny haha. Now I'm stuck, she told me she has a busy weekend, studying n stuff so I just don't know how to go any farther then casually chitchatting and flirting on facebook. I'd do anything to be with her, just tell me what to do. For some reason i'm shy on IMing but not at all shy in person by the way. I just can't tell if i'm in the 'friend zone' or maybe more? I don't think i am, but what if i am? I'm screwed. So basically doing baby steps..


I'd really love if you guys could help me out please, sorry for the long story.. and the wall of text, just have a lot to say and trying not to over do it. Help please!

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