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He just stopped talking to me. I need advice.....


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Hello, I have been dealing with this sadness for weeks now all by myself. I am glad I saw this site. I am 33 years old, this guy is 22. I work with him but right now he is on indefinite leave because he got hospitalized. Last July, he sent me a text message first, he was asking if I wanted to be friends with him, and that is when it all started. We talked via text everyday, sometimes it would start early evening and would only end when I fall asleep, which is oftentimes early in the morning. This went on for almost 2 months.


He was the one who would send me a message first, I never initiated any conversation. There were times that I felt he would patiently engage me in one. He said he knew it was because of our age gap so he asked me to look past the age difference and see him for who he really is - to start texting him. Also, I would ask him many times if he was just playing with me, and he said he is not that type of guy. He said he likes me a lot and that I mean a lot to him.


More than two weeks ago, we went out and we made out heavily. After a day, we went out again and we did the same thing. That was just it, we did not end up in bed. After that, we were still texting each other but not as much anymore. As usual, he was the one sending me text messages first. Sometimes I would reply so late.


Two weeks ago, I sent him this text asking him to stop playing with me. He did not reply. After a few days, I texted him again and said sorry. He replied the next day, asking how am I doing and saying that I have not lost him, that we are still friends and that he would always be there if I need anything. I did not reply until the next day. I said thank you and hope he is feeling better. He did not reply.


Almost one week has passed and just now, I decided to text him asking about his health. He did not reply.


I have been so depressed because of this. What could be the reason why he is not responding when he said he would always be there for me. Is he mad at me? Not interested? Please help me. Thank you.

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What do you mean by hospitalized? Do you mean physical or mental?


If it's mental, it's possible this guy is bipolar or has some other sort of mental illness. Which doesn't make him a bad person (I'm bipolar), but it would make him incredibly unstable if he wasn't taking any medication.


If it's not mental, maybe he's just not good at answering texts. Or maybe something completely unrelated to your relationship with this guy happened. He could be having a family crisis, who the hell knows?


I doubt he's mad, and he sounds like he was interested. Honestly, I haven't a clue.

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He was hospitalized because of a sinus infection. He is out of the hospital now but he is not back at work yet. The last time I talked to him, he said his doctor advised him to stay home for a couple of weeks.


He was also the kind of guy who kept on texting me. He would usually always respond right away when I text him back. He would also always initiate a text conversation, from good morning to sweet dreams.


I wish I have a clue what is going on. He is talking to a couple of our coworkers (both males) but why can he not even send me a text or respond to me at all. Did I mess everything up when I sent him that text asking him to stop playing with me?

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There could be so many reasons why he isn't txting back.

One being he's busy with something. But if really he likes you, he can take 2 seconds out of his day to say Hi. If he's talking to other ppl...he's obviously not making you a priority right now. Quit chasing after him. He knows you exist. There's no need to remind him of that.


Maybe he was only looking for sex and when he didn't get it...he gave up?

Really it can be anything.

You felt like he might have been playing you? Why? Perhaps you were right about him.

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