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All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You
All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You

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After 3 years of doing nothing but being there for my man and taking care of his son and helping him financially he cheated on me. Once he got back on his feet and had his business up and running he completely changed. After I found out he cheated on me he said " don’t ever think you irreplaceable because once you do you get replaced." So why on earth does he think that he's the only exception. He thinks I sit around and wait for him, when I'm the one that walked away from the relationship. I made the choice to move on yet he still thinks I’m hanging on his string like a puppet. Yes I still hurt because I have feelings and yes sometimes I even wonder if I made the right choice. However if it came down to it I would never take him back because of everything that he did. If someone truly loves you they will never put you through hell, yes couples argue but if one partner is so vindictive as to hurt you intentionally than their not worth your time. My ex's intentions were to hurt me in the worst possible way. He said things to me that a man who truly loves a woman would never say. Yet he still thinks I hang on his every word and wait until he decides he wants to be with me again. I knew the day that I walked away that I would never return and I never will because for once I'm going to put my happiness first.

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