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Questions about Divorce and Doing it yourself???

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I am trying to find out some info for my aunt on divorce. She was married for approx 14yrs, and she wants to file for divorce. The catch is her and her husband have been separated for over 7yrs and they have no joint properties, and she doesn't know where he is, she hasn't heard from in over a year. So my question is how can che do her own divorce when she can't find her EX. Please if anyone knows anything it will be highly appreciated since I'm trying to reasearch for her and I am running into all dead ends for info. Thank You Very Much for all opinions.....

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I did my own divorce in NJ.

In the paperwork they gave me, it asked about whether or not I knew where my husband was..so there may be provisions for that.


The other suggestion I can make, is that a lot of lawyers give free consultations before you hire them. I helped my boyfriend go to 3 different one, and he was able to get all of his questions answered.

Good Luck to you and your aunt

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