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All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You
All I Ever Wanted Was to Love You

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i check my myspace.

he deleted me.



i hadnt even changed my status from being in a relationship, i tried last night but i just couldnt.


search for his myspace. its not private and he has new pictures. him and his girlfriend kissing and what not. its killing me. i miss him. i want him back.

i thought for sure he would be back, realizing his mistake, after everyone telling him how stupid he is for leaving a good girl for one that cheats and lies and treats him horribly.

something makes me think she got on his myspace and added everything to make me jealous. deleted me because she didnt want him to look or talk to me. me and him are not on bad terms why would he delete me..


i wait for his calls, every time my phone makes a sound i hope its him. it was a few times but lately its not..

i hate myself, im miserable. i hate this life i just want to be happy. i just want him back. i dont know what to do. im so tired of being alone and i finally found someone i was perfectly happy with and he was the same until she came back into the picture.

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