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What is wrong with me...?


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Hello ENA, it has been awhile...


Just a quick backround check, my ex and i were dating for nearly a year, we were close friends for about 3 and a half years before we dated and we broke up back in March for reasons i still am not sure of. She claimed it was our careers, i think she was cheating. When we broke up, it was immediate NC, i tried to contact her shortly after but failed...two months later i tried again..failed. I never really got any closure, and i still feel that, that chapter in my life will not close.


With everything that has happened, i have become emotionally numb. I have tried to date and i have slept with 3 different women since then, and each time i felt like crap afterwards. Friends, and people always tell me that i need to hook up with someone else to fully recover from a harsh break up...they are so wrong.


I had a chance to date who might be the most beautiful woman i have ever laid eyes on, she is a co-worker and i see her every day..and she has made passes at me, and yet...i don't feel a damn thing. What the hell is wrong with me...the only thing that triggers a small tiny spec of emotion that still makes me feel human is when i am reminded of my ex...


Sigh...i hate that i love her

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Hey Casmut,


I don't think that there's anything wrong with you. I believe that we can never understand love fully. Love is more than a checklist of qualities and so it is normal that you don't feel towards that beautiful woman. I am healing from my own relationship right now and here is a quote that i would like to share with you. "It is not about stopping your love for them, it is about being able to live without them." Focus on all the other things that are important in your life, your family, friends, work, self-improvement, helping others... everything else.


Time will allow you to heal. We don't know how long the healing would take, but I believe that if you were to focus your energies on the other stuff, you would find yourself a better, happier and more fulfilled person after the period of sadness. Take care. It will get better, eventually.

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Thank you for that Libra


You're quote makes a lot of sense, i like to believe i can live and move on without her, but i still have those times where i long for her. One would think after so much time, and other opportunities that she would be nothing but a closed book...but i guess it is like you said, we don't know how long the healing will take.


Hope you are doing well Libra

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