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I met this woman thru a friend on myspace.She lives in london uk,i come from australia.Started out as friends then gradually started to develop feelings for each other. I had never been in a long distance relationship before or even thought i could fall inlove with someone over the internet!

It was crazy but i took a chance.We wud call each other everyday for 13 months ,would never run out of things to say.Wud fall asleep together,go to work, wud even take baths and have dinner with our families.Doing basically everything while on the phone lol.

After 13 moths had gone by we finally felt it was the right time to meet each other for the first time so she came to meet me in australia.She spent 1 week with my family and i. It was perfect with more love anyone could possibly imagine.

She asked me to marry her and i said yes with all my heart and couldnt believe that all my dreams were about to come true.I flew all the way to the uk to meet her family and they were the most accepting family ever. They liked me so much they couldnt wait for us to get married.. I was thinking wow lol

Anyways i flew back home to australia,saying goodbye to her at the airport was the hardest thing i had to do but we knew what we had to do to be together.And that was to apply for a fiancee visa and wud eventually get married so we could settle and live together in the uk.

So its been 4 months since ive been back home.The 1st few weeks we were missing each other like crazy and all..Then a month and a half i started to notice she was being distant and non caring on the phone.She wud get moody and snappy with me like she was losing interest. So i asked her straight up wat was the matter,she then told me she needed some space and time to think coz her feelings for me were fading away.

I couldnt believe wat i was hearing but never the less i gave her the space she needed but at the same time it was tearing me up inside not hearing from her everyday.

I waited for her,for 2 months then the next time she called me she was ending it with me.She said she wasnt inlove with me anymore but we still can be friends.Its been 2 weeks since she dumped me im so devastated idk wat do i havent been eating properly i call her sometimes and tell her that im still inlove with her but she doesnt seem to care. Idk wat ive done wrong then she said its not you its me line.GRRR

I was so mad a few days ago i saw her online so i decided since its over i had a right to know wat was the real reason behind the break up i had a feeling thier was someone else..She told me yes she always had feelings for this other girl but didnt realize it. I was so crushed i couldnt believe wat i was hearing i feel so betrayed and i cant get over it. Someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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