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Where could I volunteer to find potential dates?

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I would like to do some volunteer work, about one day a week, on the weekend to help find potential dates. What kind of volunteer work could I do, which would make available women comfortable enough to say "yes" to me, if I asked one out and if her response was "no", she wouldn't get me in trouble with the management? Any suggestions as to where I could volunteer and what type of work, which, in the process, I could get know these volunteer women better?

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How much of this is to try and find a date or expand your circles to get one? I know it sounds kinda desperate and I'm guilty of thinking the same thing too (no surprise I've yet to join anything).


I just ask because if you join something where new people don't come and go often, then might hurt your morale even more and you feel like it's just a waste of time, as good as the cause may be.

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