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honest answer please..

I Have Feelings For Someone Else Wh...
I Have Feelings For Someone Else While In a Relationship

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Yes, it does happen. I know that when you first split it seems like you will never get over it and you feel like you can't be without that other person.


Time heals all wounds, some take longer than others...


In this time most people grieve for their loss, they feel anger, and ultimately they feel a need to stop feeling sorry for themselves and they focus on what they want.


Even when you get over them sometimes there will be something that will remind you of your ex...its all natural.


When they are ready they go out there, however when they do they are usually more careful when it comes to selecting a person they like, because they don't want to go through what they just got over.


Unfortunately breaking up and gettting together is like a wheel of roulette, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.


Give yourself time to heal...you will overcome this.

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