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not sure if i still love him...but i'm stuck


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ive been with this guy for 4 years, and the whole relationship has been a roller coaster. He says he loves me, but we've been through so much (he's bipolar...no insurance...no meds). He's trying really hard to get his life together, he's been in school full time and is progressing well AND he's a good father who loves our son (we just had a baby 9 months ago). I'm just exhausted with the whole relationship. He's gotten a lot better thru the years, and is better at controlling his emotions, but occassionally takes a step back after taking two steps forward. baby steps right?...Like i said, i'm exhausted, and i'm even not sure if i love him anymore, but we have a son (who adores his daddy) and he is trying! What do i do!!! I feel drained and in a corner.

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