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Should I visit him? (bit of a long read)


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I broke up with my bf of 19months about 2/3weeks ago after having constant arguments with him for about 3 months. We were in a LDR so we only saw each other once every 1/2months. The last time we met up was for 2 weeks and for the first week we argued non stop although we made up every single day after an argument, but then the next day something else would come up. Most of our arguments were very silly but I guess the most serious thing we argued about was money. He felt that I made bad financial decisions and I thought he was a bit tight fisted with his money compared to me lol


but anyway 3 weeks ago i decided not to contact him after one of our arguments, i convinced myself that I would just get over him and live happily ever after. But as much as i tried to keep myself busy and forget him all i could think about was him. I really missed him. He contacted me but i asked him to give me some space to sort my feelings out. I'm not sure whether i want to remain with him or break up. I'm scared that if we get back together then we will start arguing again and i'm sick of arguing with him.


I think all my friends are sick of me talking about him so much and changing my mind on whether to remain with him or to break up with him, and i am very sure he is too. I am as well, every single day i have this whole thing running through my mind, this is the first time i have ever been so indecisive in my life.


I've tried to stay away from him to sort out my head but it didnt work so a week ago i started talking to him again although i made it clear to him that i wanted to try and solve our problems but if i felt this was impossible then we would remain broken up. But mostly all we talked about was our daily life we barely tried to speak in depth about our relationship. 2days ago I thought I had made my decision, we were talking on msn and i told him that since both of us couldnt think of a way to solve our problems it would be best to remain broken up. He was understandably upset about it and left the conversation really quickly. and i felt really bad that I had hurt him so much. that was all i could think about, how bad i felt that he was hurting.


Yesterday i spoke to him and we just talked properly about our relationship and stuff and i guess i kind of made him feel that i was willing to get back together with him (which part of me is) I even said to him that I wanted to go and visit him, and he said yes that he really wants to see me, go out with me etc. but right after our conversation i started to feel like maybe it is not a good idea to go and spend a week with him because it will make me more confused, i might end up getting with him and this would hurt us a lot more. I really wish I could visit him and sit down and talk to him about everything but i still love him and i know that he still loves me and im afraid that we will just end up getting back together because we miss each other rather than trying to solve our problems.


I hope someone out there understood my ramblings, my question is basically do you think it's advisable to go and visit him for 5days to a week and have a proper chat about our problems?

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