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Im lost as to what can be done.

How to leave an abusive relationshi...
How to leave an abusive relationship and why it's so hard

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I'll try to keep this short but it may be dfficult to get all the facts down.

First off i live with my mother and she started chatting to this guy online who lived in Ireland and he had to go to Africa for a charity thing, his job.


Then after spending a while there, it came for his time to return home, well he was gonna come to england to see my mother as they had fallen in love but he fell down the strairs and had to go to hospital - then i found out months later that he couldnt pay his hotel bills & mother had been sending him money to keep his treatment going - over a course of months here from a broken leg


(She hasnt seen this guy at all, just a picture and heard his voice on the phone and he has a very strong African accent - he has no webcam)


now he got out of hospital & went back to his hotel, which i also foun out he was getting mum off to pay for & she also paid for a ticket for another flight home which he couldnt make cause he needed a visa (the visa being out of date was brought up on the day of the flight that he apparently bought using her money)


Ive lost count of the exact amount but she sent him over £6000 and only stopped cause we nearly got kicked out of house cause she hadnt been paying any bills - this is how i found out. Im her 19 year old daughter (18 at the time she started talking to this guy)


I just found out she's doing it again cause we got another eviction notice today (this being 3 months later from the first after she sorted it out)


How the bloody hell do you stop YOUR parent from sending money to someone she has become obsessed over and wont leave alone cause she sees it as her only chance to be with someone.


He was meant to be one a flight 2 days ago but has "fallen ill" with something - hasnt said wat it is but its clear this guy is just after her money and she wont see it!!!!


There's tons of other little things as well, like how he's meant to be super rich, has a house on Italy, America, i Florida I might add & Ireland yet he cant get hold of any of his money in Africa!!?!??! I mean wat is that lie! even i could come up with something better than that - THERE are banks for crying out loud! get his money wired in, all he would have to would show ID and talk to the bank dudes & im sure something could be sorted out!


Im being forced to try & take an adult role over her but she wont listen to me cause im her "kid" and I dont know how i can stop her from contacting this guy anymore! I dont want to be kicked out onto the streets! WHAT am I supposed to do, can i call the police, force her to see a pro only i have no idea how to find one



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Oh my....is he also a Nigerian Prince by any chance?


Your poor mom is obviously being scammed. Maybe you could google internet scams and have her read up on this kind of thing. Urge her to not send another penny to this creep. She'll probably be terribly embarassed when she realizes what's happened so try to be supportive and not too judgemental. I would call the police as well, although it isn't likely she'll ever get her money back or that they'll be able to shut this guy down. What a shame this is...it must be very hard for you to watch.

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