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Cant take it anymore - rumors

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New to this forum and not sure if anyone would help answering my questions... but have no other place/people to talk Any help/advice would be appreciated.


In chronological order:


1. The reason the woman was separated from her husband was a relationship with a guy with whom she did work together at her previous job. Faced with rumors/inapropriate questions at work she decided to quit her previous job and as of now she works for the same company I do.


2. I was in exclusive relationship with this woman. We had great time and for a month could not live an hour without each other. After a month she decided to cease the relationship and I agreed.


3.We remained in somewhat friends relationship for few months after the breakup. We also took a liberty to exchange communication priveleged for lovers only. No sexual interaction after the break up. Once again we work for the same company and see each other daily, but do not talk not to attract attention from other associates.


4. I called her up last week to see how she is doing. From my side the conversation had a neutral tone with no attempt to get back together, but rather to be friends. However I've challenged her several times and was bit cocky trying not to show my dissappointment in us breaking up. I have to admit I might ve pushed her too far. She made it clear by saying "I cant give you want you deserve. I can not give you attention. I can not give you respect. My life is complicated. I would like you to move on"


5. I took it as a man without dramas and stupid questions.


6. I've made a mistake sending her a message the next day which now I consider border line cocky/offensive.


7. The very next day I've seen people in the company looking at me as I am a child molester.


8. I have no other issues at my work and my reputation both personal/business was crystal clear. It is a FACT that she initiated a rumor or let the details of our conversation out. She completely ignores me, not looking at me and I guess even trying to avoid me at work.


9. This significantly ruins my reputation.


10. I am very disappointed. I was expecting this relationship to die without having a funeral with hundreds to attend. I am angry. I am upset. I am willing to make this mission of my life to ruin the reputation of this woman. I forgot everything good we've had and now I am a bleeding animal ready to fight any predator until my last heart beat.


It is bad I know, but I can not resist. God is my witness I was a decent man with honest intentions. Now I want to fight back. My ego is bruised. I am hurt.

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You can


A) Swallow your pride and apologize to her, explain the grounds behind your behaviors and hope you can warm her enough to set to helping repair what she's damaged.


B) Being very familiar with Murphy and his inarguable laws, (A) will never happen. Women of this state are sociopathic instinctively and you will only further harm yourself in trying to reason with the enemy. Fight back by countering her rumor with a rumor that explains you as the angel and her the antichrist trying to entangle you.


C) My favorite, print your post and tack it up all over your workplace. Flier everyone anonymously. Tape it to everything and anything that has even a hint of locational appropriateness. Then Glue it to a few places that are less appropriate, and laminate over those ones with a thick, clear latex topcoat to make it all-the-more effective.


D) Quit.


E) Ignore all humans as they are worthless, meaningless blither and adopt a solipsist life-philosophy.


F) Begin acting absolutely erratic and delusional. Make it apparent to all with whom you work that you are off your rocker. Bring a monkey to work, chase him away and curse him for not liking the new Transformers movie, insist on eating your lunch on the floor of the men's washroom (preferably in a toilet stall so you have a surface to set your sandwich on), hide everyone's waste basket when they're not around, take smoke breaks outside to use your skipping rope, etc...


G) The purpose behind (F) would then be to take a sudden two weeks of vacation inexplicably, and upon returning, claim to have been hospitalized and 'cured'! Everything should go back to normal. However, if it so happens that during the process of carrying out (F) you find you like your current work situation and it seems to be going well for you, by all means, stick with it! Just be sure to keep everyone on their guard so as not to try to bag you over the head with a gunny sack and throw you in the trunk of an Oldsmobile headed for the Mexican border...

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