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what happened?


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Over the years I feel I've become just someone who I'm not, i look to other people too much and try and adapt myself to something that I think peolpe would want, I have become a shadow of my former self, I used to be fun, never moaning, assertive, not care what people think!


Now its a complete different story, people have made me question myself, I'm not as fun, im quite the opposite infact, I have no assertiveness left, what people think matters to me big time now.



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To me, it sounds a little like you're insecure with your own identity. Hey, join the club--I think I'm a bit that way, too.


The best advice I could think about giving you is to try to love yourself more. It's easier said than done because most of us have a hard time learning how to do this, especially when we're young, but keep trying to do it and sooner or later, it will all click.


Also, just take a few moments out of your busy day and try to find a calmer person inside. Think of it as a form of meditation. Again, it's easier said than done, but through time, it will get better and easier to do. You'll also begin to see how great it is to be the one with a calm head where others apparently feel that they need to pass judgment onto you to make themselves feel better.


Find things in your life that you're responsible for and that you're proud of accomplishing. This will really make you feel good about yourself.

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