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Love / Need


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How can you tell if someone truly loves you.. or just really needs you.


I mean, there is a difference between need, and even real appreciation, and love.. isn't there?


Even if they do and say things in order to make you feel like they love you, how do you know they're not just doing it because they don't want to lose you and what you do for them?


I've never had to question this before..

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Actually I have the same question you have. I also never questioned that before.


There were people in my life who would never say "I love you", but I was dead sure they loved me. There were people who would say "I love you" and I would think that they say it only because they want to believe so, but in reality they even do not like me really.


Now I met someone, who puzzles me. I would hate to think that this "love" is a tool to get my attention. I do not want to believe it. But, yes, what I noticed: there are no little surprises, there are no thinking about how to make me smile, there are no eagerness to help me when I need help. I do not feel comfortable asking even for a tiny favor, though if I ask most likely i would receive what I asked for.

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