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Not Sexual Enough?

She's Not Texting Me Like She U...
She's Not Texting Me Like She Used To

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So this girl I've been seeing for a while has always had an issue of thinking that I think she is much too sexual for me and I don't always like it.


Example, she stayed with me over the weekend and all night Saturday and all day Sunday we did nothing but mess around and then Sunday night she got handsy and I wasn't feeling it and just wanted to chill out and relax and she got all upset about it tonight. Also tonight, she said something about playing naked Twister with me (an idea that I was obviously very okay with) but then all the sudden she asked me if she was too sexual for me.


This isn't the first time this has been brought up. I've tried telling her over and over that it's good and that I know that's how she is, yet she can't seem to get over thinking that I think she's too sexual for me.


Just kinda sucks to know I guess.


More of a rant than anything.


Input is always welcome!

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well is she the one that normally initiates?


actions speak louder than words. even if you say yes, if she is the one starting all the time, that would make sense to me.


try initiating a more often, when she doesn't expect it. doesn't even have to be all the way, just grab her butt or anything else sexual.

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either she's trying too much in an attempt to 'capture' your interests (i.e. men like sex, i'll give it to him all the time and he'll never complain, then i'll rub it in his face about how i always want it, and i wont be that girl who never sleeps with her partner)


or she's got a vastly stronger sex drive than you. women peak in their 30s or 40s I heard, men in their teens/20s .... If it's a real problem, you need to either have a sit down chat about it, accept it, have a think about it, or leave it. Good luck!

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