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I would really appreciate your opinion on this please.


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I recently started hanging out with an old girlfriend again. She has a guy friend that I met some time ago, but all of the sudden I get to know him better and I really like him. We went out to the bar, and being intoxicated him and I were flirting--We just seemed to have great chemistry. My girl friend pushed me to date him repeatedly saying over and over how him and I should date.


The three of us starting doing things together all the time. We always had lots of fun, and I realized that I had very, very strong feelings for him. It was hard for me though because he seems really shy when he's sober and I don't know if he likes me or not. My girl friend and I had a conversation one night and she admitted she liked him. But she said she didn't care and that him and I should go out.


All of the sudden however, she has turned into a really * * * * ty friend. (Excuse my french please!) She doesn't answer my calls, ditches out on plans, and sends me * * * * * y text messages. I know my she and him hang out EVERYDAY because they have been friends for years.


My questions are.. should I pursue anything with this guy? I don't want to call him because I know they are constantly together, and her and I aren't really even talking anymore. Why did she suddenly do a complete turn around?



Thanks so much everyone!


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Hers is right. This sudden shift in your friend is childish, but is easy to figure out.


There's that crude saying, "Bro's before...." (well, you know), you've no doubt heard some guys say that. I think you need to do the opposite of that, and put your friendship with your somewhat dingbatty friend first.

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