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Just a tip for the inexperienced, please..


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My bf and I have had sex once and it was painful for me. He wasn't able to penetrate very deeply because of it.

I was wondering, for next time, what position would be good to try since I'm new at this and I'd imagine it will still be a bit painful..


Also, I will probably be on my period next time I see him. We've been together 8 months. Should I suggest the shower? What are the odds that he'd have sex with me while I'm on my period, lol..

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For the most part, I'd say try you on top, as you can gauge how much you can take it. But I found it took a little more coordination to get things going on top, and did missionary for the first little while.

Make sure there's enough foreplay, because there's a difference in 'pain' and depth when you have no/little foreplay, to alot.


As for periods, how is he normally like when you have your period? Does it gross him out? Doesn't want to hear about it?

Tell him you will be on your period, only he can say if it will bother him.


As for shower sex, if its going to be your second time, I'd wait for the shower. It takes some coordination, and you'd be in some positions that may be tricky, especially if you're new to sex.

Plus, the shower washes away all lubricant [especially natural...] and a no-no if you're using condoms.

I'd skip the shower for now.

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