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How often should/can i keep in contact with her

She's Not Texting Me Like She U...
She's Not Texting Me Like She Used To

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It's been a while since I posted. I met a girl on friday, and she's the first girl i've been even mildly interested in for a while (ok, a lie, the second girl, but the first girl was a fail because she has a boyfriend). I texted her the day after we met and we got together one more time. the night ended decently. I didn't talk to her on sunday, but we texted during the evening on monday. Things seem to be going pretty well...i think. Today is tuesday and I wanted to ask her if she'd be free to hang out soon. I'm trying to keep some distance to not seem like i'm moving too fast or anything, but I'm afraid if i wait too long to invite her to do something soon i'll lose her interest.


Should I wait until like tomorrow afternoon to ask her to hang out? Or, considering that it's been like 20 hours since we last spoke, is now a safe enough time to contact her?


Men, women, anybody's opinion would be good.

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