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I have been with him for 2 years, we have never broken up before. Everything seemed wonderful, we saw eachother almost everyday considering we attend the same university and live close.

He went home with his family for labor day weekend. He came back and met up with me right away and we cuddled and he told me how much he missed me. The next day I made him dinner at my place, then we walked to his place and i sleptover, we got intimate. Almost always when we do get intimate he tells me how much he loves me, how he wants to be we me, and how beautiful i am. This time was noo different. We were both very passionate about eachother.

Two days later he tells me he doesnt feel the same anymore as he did in the beginning. I was so confused. He basically made it clear he did not want to be together. We discussed this the next morning and decided to go to lunch. Our lunch conversation was off topic at first but then got into our breakup. He told me he was confused, he cares about me, he cant be with me right now, he has so much to think about and needs his space. I went home that afternoon and have been NC with him since. We only broke up 5 days ago so it has only been NC for 4 days.


He is just now about to finish his undergraduate degree, his family is having financial problems, and he is about to take the GRE and apply to graduate school. He mentioned during the breakup that whenever i mentioned us being together post-graduating he would freak out. I dont know if I scared him because we are early 20s and I am his first real girlfriend.

I just didnt think he wouldnt talk to me for this long. We broke up on good terms because our relationship was so healthy. He called me the 'ideal girlfriend for him' and told me there was absolutely nothing I did wrong. I pestered him and kept telling him that if he lost feeling for me I MUST of done something, but he kept saying no. He was crying during the breakup, and he almost cried at lunch...i have NEVER seen him emotional before. He gave me a hug goodbye and I questioned why and he said its not because he feels bad that he is hugging me, he truly cares about me, he just has so much to think about.

He has told a mutual friend and his roommate that he doesnt plan on dating ANYONE til he graduates (which is in 1yr). So I dont think there is someone else. He told me that getting physical with someone else wasnt on his mind because he would only think about me. He said the physical aspect of our relationship was amazing, he is still very attracted to me, just he thinks we lost the emotional connection. Please help?


It is very hard understanding what he is thinking. Or how I should react. I really care about him and all our friends believe we will end up back together because everything was so great. If any guys have advice I would really appreciate it

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im sorry for your pain

i had a similar situation a year ago


the hardest part is that sometimes things do just end and as much as you search for a reason sometimes the fact is that its run its course


NC is a great idea and will help u to heal


i broke up with my boyfriend after almost 3 years and went NC almost straight away

this is what got me through it


take care xx

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first thing i have to ask, does he have any mental issues? Bi polar, anxiety disorder, Depression? If so, this would make sense. Almost same situation happened with my girlfriend. She decided she needed a break to try and sort things out but what really happened was she stopped taking her depression medication and had a break down. A week and a half later she started taking them again and wanted me back. In the mean time just be strong but do not beg him or even call him asking why. Just leave things alone and this will puzzle him. Keep busy although we all know it hurts inside but if you want him to come around, NC is the best way to do it! Trust me it works!

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No as far as I know he doesnt have any mental problems. But 2 people have come up to me in the few days telling me he does not go to class anymore. One of his friends told me he looked horrible. And he told her he wasnt thinking and the breakup was 'spur of the moment'. I really have no idea what is going on with him. I just keep remembering the last thing he said to me after we broke up was 'i might regret this tomorrow, or in a week, or a month...i dont know'

I know everyone says to move on and its the best thing to do, but as we stand now we are on good terms, we dont hate eachother. I did not tell him to not contact me. He just said he needed space to figure out what he wants. And I left him to his space.

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