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Hi, my name is Nick. This is my first post here. I need advice on what to do about a girl. Heres my story:


I've liked this girl for a long time (Maya). BTW, I'm a junior in high school and shes a sophmore. I've known her for about six months and have always been attracted to her. We have gotten really close and are pretty much best friends now. We talk on the phone for hours every night and see eachother every day. I really like her a lot and want to hook up with her. Well last friday we went to my friends house and she smoked a little and we went into a bedroom just to talk like we always do. We flirt a lot and we stuck our tongues out at eachother and she started licking my tongue. Then later that night she was hungry so i took her to Wendy's. She got food and i asked her for some fries and she put them in her mouth and told me to get them. Well i got the idea that she liked me so i was really happy because i liked her for so long. Then on sunday we smoked a little and she came over to my house. We were watching TV in my bed, and we made out for about 45 minutes. When we made out I was the happiest i have ever been in my life. I really lover her so much and I want to be with her so badly. We both fell asleep after we had made out and we woke up later and she had to get home. I took her home and since then I havent really talked to her much. Her mom grounded her for some reason and we had finals the next week so she had to study. At school I don't see her too ofter either. I wanted to ask her what she thought about Sunday but never had the chance. Well it is now Friday and she had to Corpus Christi with her family so I can't see her this weekend. She comes back the night before we go back to school for the rest of our finals.

The thing is that I just don't think that she likes me. Even though weve both been really busy and she is not supposed to use the phone, she can still find a way to talk to me. Shes called me once this week but it was only for about 10 minutes because her mom came home, and we never talked about anything important. Her mom is a big bitch who wont let Maya do anything. The only person who can see her is her ex boyfriend, because her mom really likes him. He just finished his freshman year in college. I've heard that hes been going to her house a lot and I think that maybe she likes him again or something. He also treats her really bad and he makes her cry a lot, and whenever that happens she cries on my shoulder. It just seems that she doesn't want to be with me much or talk to me much at all lately. Even thought she is grounded she could still find a way. And this only started happening after we made out. Before she would call me all the time even if her mom told her to get off the phone. She would stay up late so she could call me after her mom went to bed. Shes still really nice to me and hugs me all the time, but it just seems like doesnt want to be that close anymore. I'm sorry if this doesnt make sense, its just hard to explain. But I just don't know what to do. It seems like she now likes her ex-boyfriend and doenst like me. I just really thought things would happen between us because we made out and stuff.

Well I just don't know what to do. I need advice. Do you think she likes me? Should i try to hook up with her? I want her really bad. What do I do?




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from a girls point of view heres what i think. i am 21 and i have gone through somehting very similar to this, me being in the girls point of view. she probably likes you, but shes confused. when shes around you she wants to make out with you and be with you, but when she sees her ex whom she has put alot of work into the relationship she wants him. get rid of him and get the girl. if her mom likes her ex thats even more pressure put on her to date him and not you. she is going to lean towards the more familiar relationship and the one evryone says she should do. there is really nothing you can do. obviously your willing to make the relationship work, but the ultimate decision is in her lap. get out and meet other girls but dont ever forget her, you never know what may happen down the road.

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