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2 questions: facebook; being exclusive


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guys, I've two quick questions.


1. do you add your date to facebook? he asked me to so I did, but I don't feel very comfortable, in his facebook, it even says "single, back looking, blabla"


2. he's telling me he's no desire to date other ppl, and I told him I was missing him when he asked me whether I'd a date on a certain day, but he never bring up the exclusive topic.I said I can still date others, he said technically yes but I'm going to break his heart. we've gone out three times but still... I'm not sure whether I should continue date others.



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i keep anyone i date away from facebook until we get exclusive but everyone has their own preferences.


asking for exclusivity after 3 dates is a bit soon in my opinion .. you can date others if you want there shouldn't be a problem, just don't bring it up to him.

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