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2 numbers... 1 problem


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Ok here's the run down...


While at work, I waited on two very good looking girls and ended up getting both their numbers after they were done with their meal. It was just the two of them eating and they were having a good time so I figure they were probably pretty good friends.


Here's the problem:


I just moved home from college and I don't really have a good base of friends that i kick it with. I hang out with a couple of close friends but one is leaving for military, ones married...


If I were up at school I would call them, let them know where my buddies and I were going for a weekend party, meet them there, have fun and figure out if there was one I would potentially try and take out on a date...


But I'm not in college anymore and am treading in unknown waters seeing as i dont have that "let's all get together in a big group so I can get to know you better" way... I'm thinking if I call one, take her out 1 on 1,it doesnt work out, im screwed with the other...


How should i handle this?

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Your Killing Me Wave



Right - which one smiled more


Left - which one held your gaze longer


outgoing left, shy right- which one had more energy, hopefully positive


pretty conservative... but cant remember- what were they wearing


when i got the numbers both were pretty opened and relaxed body language - compare body language


I think Left - which one finished eating first

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ended up making a bet with them that I could make them the best dessert they had ever had...

if it wasn't, I bought it,

if it was, I still bought it but got their #'s


while challenging the bet I looked at girl right when i said get your number - which one did you ask for her number first


host took it not sure (tip was cash so could maybe assume put their money together) - which one paid


6 bucks plus an extra dollar bill with 2 phone #s on it - how was your tip

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