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Heartbroken and Confused

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Lost the Love Of Your Love? Watch This!

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I can't believe the man I 've been seeing and loving for a little over 2 1/2 years now all of a sudden is saying he does not see a future with us and he is never going to get married-when the last couple years he has gotten me cards for all holidays and my BDAY that all say how much he loves me and I am the one etc..just a couple months ago he moved back into his and his mother's house a couple miles down the road..he blamed my daughter she's 10.But still wanted to see me...I could not believe he did not want to stay..well since then my daughter is going to school down South to be w/her father for these next few months-so I can finish college and can u believe she is not there in my place and since he moved back in to his place he has never spent the night.he comes over stays and goes home! .We had an argument and he says I never asked him.(to spend the night)(he lived with us for 10 months).ugh..he is regressing back and acting really funky and now mentioning we are NOT COMPATABLE-I wonder how much his mother is trying to control him-he's never done this before..but yet he says he loves me and wants to see me..he is taking a 5 day vacation trip to Atlantic City NJ and taking his mother..I am in college now and he says I can't go..I told him I have breaks in my school sked..

He seems like someone else and I don't know what his mother (controlling) is putting in his ear- this breaks my heart-he does not realize what he has in me- he is even acting a little rude to me!

I am wondering what is going on-he is always over to see me on his days off-

but we are not compatible- Can't believe it- He seemed to have fun with me all those times..

just going to take it slow and see what is REALLY going on..any pointers or info or help wud be appreciated! Thanks Catinthehat

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Your very first post on Enotalone was about being out with this boyfriend and having to stop what you were doing so he could BUY PANTIES FOR HIS MOTHER.


He's a loser with a very sick, weird relationship with his mother. I think you are clinging to him and this relationship because you think it is better than being alone. Sweetie, being alone is ten million times better than dating a weirdo who buys his mother's underwear and after 2.5 years still can't see a future with you.


When you walk away from this relationship, you will make yourself available to date normal, nice men.

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You know what? You are right! What was I thinking? I guess I am being too nice and so on...I needed this..Made a light bulb light up in my head..he obviously is NOT going to change..I have future plans on moving down south after my college is out to start a better life..who knows? I might move and not tell him I'm gone-then that'll leave him wondering JUST AS HE HAD ME WONDERING...Thank you- this got my brain back in gear where it needs to be. Catinthehat

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