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hard to know whats going on

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about 5 months ago i slept with a girl i have known for a long time that to my knowleage was not a lesbian but she draged me to bed one night people had an idea that we did but with the little town we live in and people talk we played dumb and said we did not know what they were on about well after that we formed a special kind of friendship and she started to text me and asking me to go around for a drink with her then a month latter she was texing me and said she had never felt like this about a nother women before and that she wanted to see how things went between us so here we are now 2 nearly 3 months into the relationship as we decided to start dateing and everything was grate till about 3 weeks ago she has not become distant and not like she was i feel like she is not intrested anymore she says its her two boys as they have been acting strange and playing up we decided not to tell the kids until we was both sure what we wante as i have a child aswell but her eldest 10 started asking questions of why i went around alot and were i sleep when i stay now we dont cuddle kiss or anything i can understand why she is on edge with things as her past relationships have just walked out when things have got hard when i ask her if she wants me to walk away and does she want to be in a relationship with me she says she dont want to me walk away and that she still wants to be with but she needs to sort the boys out. tonight i told her i would stand by her side and help her through it all and all i want her to say is she still wants to be with me and that things will get better her reply was stop pressureing me i dont think i am i just dont know what else i can do anymore and its hurting me so much i put a brave face on when i see her as i know she under alot of stress and dont want her worrying about me

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Yes that post is hard to read but this is what I got:


- Your gf is stressed because of her boys.

- Instead of calling on you for support she wants to deal with it herself.

- She does tell you she wants to be in a relationship with you but to stop "pressuring" her.

- She is not affectionate with you anymore.

- When things got difficult in her last relationship, she walked.


As much as you want to you can't change who she is, the only variable you have control over is yourself, you need to decide if this relationship is going to work for you.

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