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I would like your opinion on this.


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Hi. Im here to get some thoughts and opinions on my relationship with my bf.




- We met online, chatted for a month and half and then met (chatted every day).

- Clicked when we met and were laughing and joking with in an hour, it was like we'd known each other for years.

- he was single for about 2.5 years. his last gf screwed him around a lot. he did not date/have sex/ at all during this time.

- We btoh agreed to 'take it slow'.

- On the 2nd date, at the start was awkward, but it got better and much much more flirty and touchy and ended up kissing pretty pasionatly. This was his FIRST kiss in over TWO years!

- On the 3rd date he did ask me how i felt about children and if i wanted them

- On the 4th date i met some of this friends and his MOTHER.

- and also on the 4th date he asked me to be his girlfriend.

- After 2 months we got more intimate (sex). He had not had sex in 2.5 years.

- About a month later, he brought up the idea of going overseas together.( He never has).

- He was serious about the idea and now 3 months later, we have booked a big holiday!



Despite the 'taking it slow' it never really happened. I supose its all happened rather quickly. I do think ive fallen for him.


How do i tell if he's fallen for me? Are there some typical signs that men do that shows anything? Neither of us have said i love you. He's said he loves certain things, and actually wrote that i love him once.


I have met his mother, his step father, his nephew and his brother and about 5 of his friends (female). I have not yet met his best friend tho. But that being said he hasn't met many poeple i know, mainly due to timing etc...its awkard. It took me awhile to take him home to meet my parents (i was worried i guess) but he has now and has met them many times since.


What would you think of the above situation when dating a new guy?


It feels like ive known him forever yet its only been like 5 months. He does have things that bugs me (little things lol) but then theres things that i just love....such as his smile. it makes me smile just thinking about it....


we dont really do those heart to heart talks about how we feel about one another. We had a 'communication' problem i guess a little while ago. I thought he might be loosing interest a bit by the way he was behaving, but he assured me he was not and that he had a lot on his mind and isn't used to sharing his problems due to being single for so long, its just been him. But when we talked he didnt really say anythign that wiped all the doubts away. just said something like 'i hope there isn't anything wrong with us. we get along well when we are in good moods'.....


Any opinions would be great. thanks.

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It sounds like the guy is into you from my opinion. I don't really think you have much to worry about. I mean he has told you that there is nothing to worry. Unless you see do things like avoiding you or acting distant I think things are where they should be.


Even though you skipped the going slow there is no reason for things to keep going the way they are.


If something is really bothering you then talk to him about it...

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