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Opinion on this dateeee

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Alright, thursday went on a really quick date, ill fill you in how it went down.


Apparently im kind of popular amoung the females in my work, i had no idea, so the girl i sit next to tells me that her other friend really thinks im cute ect. So i go talk to her, have some great conversation with one major problem. The only time i get to talk to her is over the company instant messenger, we work customer service so cant "talk" and ontop of that i car pool at the moment because my car is dead, so no after work get togethers.


So turns out we have a little chemistry, talk for the greater part of the day (a mistake i know) We decide to go on a date the next day, she wants to bring me to these huge windmills near where we live and it sounds like a great idea.


We go, she brings a friend, turns out shes a HUGE partier, im cool with that, id like to be in the place she is so shes the kind of person i want to hang out with. So the ride to the windmills was ok, she was kind of nervous, and i was kind of quiet, we pick up her best friend, they talk about stuff in their life, which is hard to keep up with or comment on, i tell some stories ect but its hard to stay in the convo.


The mills are absolutely gorgeous, we smoke, and i managed to not make an ass out of myself, but we got pretty baked, and the conversation died in the car haha.


Then i got dropped off at my house and went home, no kiss or hug which im fine with, it didnt feel like a date.



She talks to me Just as much the next day still all smiles and stuff but i have no idea what to think. Im not really on her level yet socially, but that is something that only is getting better every day. Im not an even casual smoker, but i used to be, i dont mind it and would love to do it again if i can balance my life.


Just dont know what to think, our convo's are a little to harmless with alot of laughs but not enough interest comments or something im not sure, but then again this is all over company messenger which can be monitored.



Wellllll im not stressing over it to much, infact i have a date with a diff girl sometime in the next day or so, but everytime a date goes different its good to get some possible feedback from a third party. So what to doooo..

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Sounds like she's not interested in anything much beyond friendship. Hence bringing the friend along, so it doesn't seem like a date. I wouldn't worry about it. Dating a coworker is a dicey proposition anyway. It's best to date outside of the workplace.

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