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went out with girl 6x's , found out she might have bf during the time we met-she never told me


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not sure what happen but here goes:

met this girl off a social meetup group and i emailed her without knowing her"hey wassup, nice pic how are you liking meetup, want to meetup for coffee sometime" ttyl"

i met up with her and we hung out 4x's once for coffee, another movie and dinner and 3rd time just walking around univ campus, eat out. of all the 4xs i paid-she paid for movie once

i don't hear from this girl for 2 months-i ask her to hang out via email but she says shes busy, till yeseterday she emailed me saying how i am and lets meetup-finally she initiates

we go out and eat cheesecake -i pay. she says we are just friends ,but even i still pay and i see she expects it too-

i go home on facebook and sees her pictures and i see shes very close to this other older guy 40 year old chubbier guy -they are hugging , holding hands...etc--i am guessing this is her bf. she never told me she had a bf, but we still went out for like 5x's. they went to states together.


so why she go out with me 5x's and not tell me this. did she go out with the guy for 2 months and they broke up and then she goes back to me since i am backup guy. the fourth time i tried to hold her hand she rejects me,but with this guy i guess she allows it. lol weird

basically she went out with me like 5-6x's but never told me she had a bf . i just found out on facebook while looking at the pics

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Some girls, like my ex, are B-*-*-*-*-E-S and the LOVE the thrill of attention.


You never asked - why would she spoil her fun by speaking of somethign so insignificant??


My girl was practically leading guys on left and right...every time she met one, she had a nasty habit of saying NOTHING about me.



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Yeah, you're making a lot of assumptions--he could just be another guy she's seeing casually, he could be a friend, he could be an ex she continues to have an inappropriate relationship with(!)...He's not necessarily a boyfriend she's been cheating on.


And actually you said that the fifth time you guys went out (after the two month break) she SAID you were just friends. Expecting you to pay in that situation is definitely rude, but she wasn't leading you on to think it was a date...

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