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Fashion Design maybe?


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As i failed my maths test i won't be able to do my IT and Management degree as a mature student. So i was thinking of doing a Foundation degree in IT and getting into Fashion Design at time same time, short courses to build my portfolio.


Do you think Fashion Design pay well if i study it as a back up plan?

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An assessment made by people who have actually seen your work will carry far more weight than any of the advice that you could get from us here.

How are we to imagine whether or not you even have a shred of talent?


Furthermore, even if you *are* talented, Fashion Design is an extremely competitive field.

The people making the big bucks are few in comparison to the numbers of people who start off with big dreams, and end up slaving away for peanuts either in the field (ex: as an underling in a design house, seamstress-ing, or working in retail or some other vaguely-fashion related industry) in a position which may not have required having a degree in fashion in the first place, or just as frequently, eventually working in a field that is unrelated to fashion.


Choose to study fashion only if you love it, have some sort of talent for it, and are prepared to fight hard to work in Fashion or, at the very least, think that you can gain some sort of applicable skills from the experience and are seeing it as an opportunity to learn something new.


What I'm trying to say is that studying fashion could be an interesting and worthwhile experience, but it is not likely your best choice of course if your sole goal is to find a well-paying job.

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I could always do it as learning something new then taking it from there and focous more on IT maybe?


If you can handle the course-load for both programs at the same time, then it certainly can't hurt.

All I'm saying is don't choose a creative course if the primary reason you're doing it is with the goal of earning a really good income.

Money matters aside, exploring different areas of interest and further educating yourself is never a bad idea.

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This failed test prevents you from furthering your degree? Can you possibly talk to someone and see if they can work with you? Maybe get a tutor? Don't be discouraged or give up just because of this one test. I suck at anything mathmatic as well. I never thought Id get as far as I did. But with the right help, I got through it.

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I finished my Software Engineering degree last year. I also have a penchant for fashion and beauty. I'm actually going to take a make-up artistry class this fall for fun as well as a project management certificate.


If you have the money for it, it can't hurt to have more interests.

I would most likely not use it as a back-up plan for money purpose.


I'd love to launch an on the side business for makeup artistry, but that's pretty much where I draw the line. My hope is just to make enough money with it to pay back the class and supplies themselves. I think that's rather realistic and I'm mostly doing it because I love makeup. You would probably be able to do the same too, but I'd focus on IT more than fashion if you want the big bucks.

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