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Should I keep working?


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I'm working on a project with someone and he is usually pushing me to do more-it's a profit sharing thing and I'm not getting paid until we launch the website. I have pretty much delivered things on time and have a lot invested in it emotionally-mostly because his enthusiasm was so infectious and he has gone out of his way to really include me.


Thing is, he's recently starting remodelling parts of his house and now it seems that this has taken precedence. Whenever I have a question for him, he doesn't respond. I am stuck on something here and need advice, but he texts me to say he's at Home Depot. I asked him if the site was on hiatus because if so, I'd stop asking him questions if his focus is elsewhere. No reply yet again.


Should I just stop working on it and follow his lead? I feel somewhat cheated, because I was pulled into it and now feel that he's abandoning it on a whim! This was something he was obsessed with, worked long hours on and now he's just blanking me.


Any advice? I'm very frustrated, but don't see why I should continue to contribute, unpaid, if he's going to be concentrating on his domestic situation.

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Okay, he gave me a check a couple of weeks ago as a reimbursement for some ink cartridges and takeout food that I bought. Friday the check comes back in the mail with a letter saying "Account Closed". I called him about it and he said it was just a mistake, he would issue a new one from the new checking account that he's opening.


I texted him Saturday to say that we really need to launch the site as its the best season for our product. He answered, "I agree. Let's talk tomorrow at 6pm"


So I got ready to talk and do some work...postponed a call from an overseas friend because I needed to keep the phone free. Told my son he couldn't use borrow my laptop because I'd need that too. 6pm came and went and I texted and skyped him to remind him of our talk. He didn't respond till 10:30! Said he " Sorry, I completely forgot. Was with my contractor". I replied "Completely forgot?" He said "Sorry" again. I don't think that's good enough.


I was totally insulted! I KNOW he's got money to pay the builder and he still hasn't paid me. He was SO gungho about this and has completely switched gears on me. I told him that if he'd forgotten about something so important to me, that he should tell me so that I could divert my thoughts elsewhere and that he needed to re-evaluate his priorities as to my role in his website. He replied "But I said sorry twice!" as if that's some big concession.


The main thing is that it was HE who pulled me into this, sold me on it and totally got me absorbed in it. Now he just went off on this tangent and I'm left hanging. I know he probably won't reply-will just blank me again and think I'm an hysterical female...but could well resurface in a couple of weeks when his remodelling is done and expect my help again...


So, was I overreacting? Am I unreasonable to expect common courtesy that he'd keep our phone appointment? DO I keep helping him?

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Thanks for your reply-we spoke last night and he was mad at me because I hadn't moved on with my tasks. I asked why I should, if I didn't even know whether he had abandoned the project. He doesn't want to take repsonsibility for anything and was saying I was bugging him with my texts-which were NOT intrusive and were asking for information, even so far as to say "If you're on a hiatus, then let me know so that I can move on to something else" But I never got replies to THOSE,either!


Now, he wants ME to open a merchant account. The site can't be launched without one, and his credit is bad. I feel SO strongly that this site will be a success, so that it's resting on me. He says he will take over the account when his credit is re-established, but I am torn between wanting it to work out and his consistent flakiness (is that an oxymoron?).

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I say take whatever work you've done and go solo. This guy isn't worth the effort you're putting into this and if you feel that strongly about your skills and whatever else you give yourself credit for, then why not start your own business??? I fear you might end up getting burnt at the end of all this if you continue on with this charade.

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You already know this guy is an untrustworthy and flaky partner with bad credit who doesn't pull his weight. Terrible combination.


You just don't want to go into business with him at all or anyone you can't trust or you'll be very sorry. You may end up wrecking your credit as well in the process, or he may steal from you or other people and you may get stuck with the debt or prosecuted if people sue you, since if you are part owner of the business you are liable.


Sometimes you have to cut your losses. Just break up the partnership and go start another website on your own or with a better partner. You don't need this guy to do it, and you can learn whatever it takes to do it yourself, or find someone else who is a decent partner.

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Well, the payment set up is a little woolly, so the other night I went over to sort it out-get it on paper because I'm very visual and I said that if I could see it, I wouldn't keep questioning it. I was getting on his nerves, but Math and finance just isn't my thing...


We were into it when his sister called and wanted to discuss sthing of a very personal nature. They had been estranged and so this was a breakthrough. He asked nicely if we could cut it short and I said yes. Thus, the issue was not resolved between us.


I went over yesterday to get a good check from him (he'd written a bad one a couple of weeks ago) and he was really quite patronizing to me-I think it's because I was making him part with money, haha. I eventually ended up walking out because of his attitude. We fought via text and phone all last night and he said that I was on the verge of "effing it up".


I decided to ask a friend who is a natural businessman, very experienced, as to what he would do...keep on with the profit sharing idea, or just ask to be paid for the work I'd done, provide a monthly invoice, etc. He recommended the latter, as it made it more clean (the guy himself said that would be better, then he wouldn't have to share any profits with me!)


So I left a vmail saying as much, that it'd be less emotional, we'd both know where we stood, wouldn't be fighting, etc. He texted me back "Okay. Done. I will continue on alone and pay you as and when I need you". I began to panic, because I LOVE this project and totally believe in it. I loved the idea of us making it work and here he is cutting me off. I asked my friend if he thought I was being emotionally blackmailed and he said yes.


So I almost begged the guy to keep on working with me and to forget about the payment, go back to the profit sharing. He said he'll call me at 8 and that "You keep switiching. I will define the way we can work together".


Ugh. I'm starting to hate this guy and I think it's mutual. It's looking like his way or the highway. Do I suck it up, knowing that my experience on this project will help me build a work portfolio? DO I keep it totally impersonal?


Does anyone else think he's blackmailing me emotionally, because he knows I don't want to be cut loose, so that means he's getting great work at a cheap price?

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