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25th birthday! Help!


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My boyfriend of nearly 2 years is turning 25 next month, and i am really struggling to think of something special for him.


Last year i bought him a camera, which he loves and i really want to find something he'll love. He is very hard to buy for as he buys what he wants!! Despite me asking him not to. Does anyone have any ideas? He loves his sport, especially football and cricket. I had thought of doing a zoo experience day with the big cats, but they've just revised their prices, gone upto £350 for 4 hours! I know he'd love that, but it is so much and I can't really afford it. And he really isn't a gadget man either!


Does anyone have any ideas??



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My boyfriend is the same way---he just buys whatever he wants and his hobbies are very expensive and specific.


Last year I bought him a nice, digital picture frame and I pre-loaded it with pictures of me and of us together. If he has a camera I'm sure there are lots of photos he can put on there that he would like to display!

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