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Conversation Tips Around a Girl I Like?


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Well you have to figure out what she is into. I don't know your age group here, but lets say you guys are in school, either high school or college. "So, what type of things do you do at school? Play any sports? Any clubs? What do you do for work? (less intruding to ask someone what they do than directly asking someone WHERE they work) What's your favorite classes/major? What do you want to do after you are finished with school?


Whatever answers she gives, like "Yeah, I love softball/art club/band/political science. I plan to do xxx after finishing school". You can build a conversation by asking more questions when she answers, and then discussing these things and agree/disagree with what she says "yeah, I used to play softball all the time too, now I'd have to say soccer is my fav" So yeah, asking questions opens doors to conversation. Try to balance your questions and comments... don't shoot 20 questions in a row like she is being cross examined, but ask a few to peak her interest and say a little something about yourself too.


I think the way I explained it makes it sound more complicated that it is. Being a conversationalist takes some practice but I'm sure you can pull it off. Talk about things that are funny; laughing throughout a conversation just makes it that much better.

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I don't have a precise answer, but my conversation skills with women have sharpened because of just how often I talk to women. A lot of it comes down to practice. There is no right thing to say, wrong thing to say. It's what feels appropriate in the moment. But listening is extremely important. If she's laying down some great information, ask about something specific based on what she said. If you don't listen and ask open-ended questions, the conversation will die.


There's one guy at my school who immediately hits on every girl/woman he finds attractive, even if she has a boyfriend. While I don't claim to a perfect conversationalist, respect is a big plus when learning how to talk to women.


The longer you wait to talk to a girl you like, the more nervous you're going to be. It's all about learning by your own experiences. It took maybe 6 years to talk to the first girl I had a crush on as a kid. Now it takes maybe 6 minutes to talk to a girl I like. There is just no point in waiting and waiting to talk. As soon as you notice her, approach her. Once you start thinking about it too much, you quickly lose confidence. It's sometimes much easier said than done, but with practice (and without desperation), the time gap between the time you notice her and the time you approach her/talk to her will decrease.


It's always a learning process. I know it's cliche to say "be yourself", but it's true. Being yourself means loving yourself, not letting the outcome get under your skin. If you love who you are as a person, you will naturally show confidence. You won't have to look for it.

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