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Finally told him to lose my number!


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I'v posted about this guy before. I've was seeing him for almost two months however in I've only seen him once this past month. The first month was good until I went on vacation for 5 days (during which time there was no contact between us) and when I got back I sensed something wasn't right. It started to take longer for him to answer my texts however he was still initiating quite a few texts. Also, like I said I had only seen him once in the past month, and before I went away we were seeing each other 1-2 times a week. So two weeks ago I made the decision that I would not initiate anymore texts since it was obvious he was losing interest. He was still contacting me at that point, but then last week there was no contact for six days, I wrote him off. Then the next day he contacts me with an apology that he hasn't been able to pay me more attention and that it was partially due to work and partially his own fault and he was exhausted. I told him to contact me when his schedule isn't so crazy. So Wed he asks me to get together that night, I told him I was busy but could we make it Fri or Sat, he said ok Friday. Friday came I did not hear from him, so at 8:30pm I did what I should've done 2 weeks ago, I texted him and told him to lose my number. He didn't answer, I didn't expect him too.


Anyway, not looking for advice just needed to put it out there. Thanks.

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