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Verbally abusing a woman

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if i saw a person losing it verbally i would take steps to avoid the abuser (the one who reacted.).

no matter what the provaction.

i would totally judge the person on their reaction no matter how provoked they were.


a truly 'together' person walks away and does not give the provoking person the pleasure of a reaction. i would expect high school age to be the oldest to react aggressively.


a wise person knows that anyone who attempts to provoke a response has issues within themselves and may be attention seeking. had you walked away you would not be dealing with this. now she has power over you (making you worry,causing you to post here.)


if it's a high school thing and you feel the need to 'save face' that is still not excausable but mature people would understand it to be an immature response from a young inexperienced person.


i have taught my 3 teenage children to let aggressive people go on their way unoticed as they will forget you and target the next person. they then sort out who will give them the reaction they want and concentrate their abuse on them. reacting to a bully gives them the attention and audience they crave.


hopefully you will be able to stay strong and silent the next time anyone trys to provoke you. i bet you notice people come up to you afterwards and congradulate you. the first ones to come over will be the 'why didnt you tell her to xxxx off' gang. they are the ones who like to stir things up for their amusement. the more sensible one's will hang back for a while to see do you react and then judge you.


you tried one response how did that feel immediately afterwards, and now later?


try the 'i am strong and together enough to not react' approach.

that gets bullys half demented. they hate being ignored.

see how that feels.


if you do post back and let us know how it worked.

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