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My Husband is Quitting Smoking!!! Yayayayayayayaya!!!

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He started a few days ago. He's going cold turkey. He can do it, he's a stubborn beast.


Anyhow I've been giving him extra affection and cuddles and making all his favorite foods (slippin' in the extra fat too). I'm not worried about him getting chubby because he's so extremely emaciated that he can use the 10-20 extra After, I might have something to squeeze besides bones I love the tiny handles and the little soft cushion on the booh-tay... ok nuff said.


Anyone out there have some other tips on helping him make the transition? I've been dealing with his crankiness by 1) calling him on it (albeit lovingly) and 2) humour (making fun of the crankiness, not him)


Thanks in advance for your handy tips, eNAers!



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No advice, just wanted to say I'm so glad your husband's quitting! Has he tried to quit before, or is this his first time? Do you think it would help if he got a quitting aid, like a patch or something, or do you have faith he really can do it cold turkey?


Wish I could get my boyfriend to quit!

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Try to ensure that you keep busy with your hubbie. Do the yard for example. Get physical.. get out more than you used to. Go for walks each evening/morning. Dont let him avoid the triggers that make him smoke. Some experts say that when you give up smoking dont avoid the things you did when you wanted a smoke..eg.having a morning cuppa with a fag before work....And a perfect way to keep off them is to start to exercise a lot right now. The lack of fitness, and coughing and clearing your chest is a good reminder of what smoking does. Exercising tends to make you feel good, look good and each day you notice how much easier it gets and how much more lung power you have. So replace his smoking with exercise and continue your support and exercise with him, this will help a lot with his mood swings too.. why dont you both join a gym and you can both feel great together in no time..good luck with it all.

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i stopped smoking 40 a day. it is tough. he must be determined.

i kept telling myself to think like an alcholic in that one is too many 1000 is not enough.

it is totally will power that does it.

recognise that the cigs are stronger then you and that if you have one you have to start the withdrawal all over again.

the physical effects of withdrawal are harsh. he may even need time off work occasionly.

i never had mood swings i did sometimes use not smoking as an excuse for a bad temper if i wanted to get my own way! maybe wont harm to let him get away with a little tantrum if it's worth him not smoking.


if you want to be sneaky he will after a few days start to notice how bad his clothes smell.

get two of his jumpers/shirts light a cigerette and hold the clothes in the smoke so they stink.

fold them up in a plastic bag so the smell is evil.

if you think he is getting weak bring out one of the items and ask does he want to wear it? act innocent.

the smell will shock him he will not want to smell like that again.

also offer him a glass of orange juice if he wants a ciggie. anyones stomach would turn at that combination.

telling himself 'i am not a smoker' is a very good one.

how long before you are free of the physical withdrawal- me 8 months.

it took me 7 years to not want one i used to sit near smokers so i could breath in their smoke!!!!!!!!


he must mentally be strong and stubborness is essential.

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He's quit before and usually stuck to it more than me but the last time we started together, I "stayed quit" (5 years ago) and he went back after a year due to work buddies who smoked. Those work buddies are now gone, so I think that's why he wanted to start anew.


Last night he was so cranky! I mixed him some adult beverages and then put him in a Japanese bath. Then I led him to bed. He had a good night's sleep and was chipper this morning. It looks like he's going to make it.


Thanks everyone for your advice and support!

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