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I don't want to ruin it...


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Hello everyone let me start off with saying that I am 16 years old, yeah I'm young, but I desperately need some help and closure.


I moved to a new high school last year (sophomore year) and I knew absolutely NO ONE. But I'm a social guy, and started making friends. There was one girl though... I always thought she was drop dead GORGEOUS, even after I had gotten into a (rushed) relationship. Regardless of how beautiful I thought she was, we quickly became very close friends. I would go as far to say that she's one of my best friends. I had a small crush on her, but it went away when I "fell in love" with this other girl. I realize now that I was lonely, and that I just wanted attention from someone as horrible as that sounds, and I feel terrible about it. But it gets worse; about halfway through the relationship, I started getting feelings for the other person again.


So naturally, when my girlfriend and I broke up for unrelated reasons, these feelings began to grow and grow, until it was nearly unbearable. I couldn't see ANY flaw in this girl. She was incredible. I created a scenario in my head where I would confess my feelings to her, and she would feel the same way about me, and everything would be great! So I told her about how I felt. Can you guess what happened? I was killed. She said that I was one of her best friends and regardless of what happened, we would remain that way, unless she started to grow feelings for me, and that I would be the first person to know about it if it did happen. She said that everything was water under the bridge concerning that.


This was back in the beginning of June, I got over her in the middle of July. I realized, after seeing how she doesn't talk to me any different, that nothing will ever happen between us. And for a while, I was really okay with that. I stopped liking her, and thought that we would just be friends. Riiiiight until I saw her two weeks ago, one of the only times the entire Summer. It was like God himself told me that this girl was right for me. I remembered how awesome this girl is, how beautiful, how funny, how smart, how absolutely incredible. But problem is, she definitely doesn't think of me that way, at all. What do I do? Do I let it go? Do I pursue anything? I don't want to pursue anything with her because I'm terrified it will drive her away. She has told me that she could really care less about being in a relationship, and I genuinely respect that. I'm really stuck between a rock and a hard place ](*,)

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Don't put your feet into two different buckets of water,because its hard to walk in that way. You know beauty is just a veil of confusion, behind it lies reality. You are a guy so you are getting your poor head confused, and you don't see how you are being played with.


The best thing you can do is consider yourself as a garbage man, throw everything out of your life that creates a mess.


Second, never go into a relationship with the expectation that it will work out, reality is that a woman can pack her bags and leave any day.


Third, only one woman at the time, otherwhise things become overlapped, blurry and emotions will get hurt severly in triangle or quadruple affairs.


fourth, show you have a life of your own to live, you are not dependant of a woman, even if the woman goes out of your life, you still have your own hobbies, your own thing, stuff that makes you you.


fifth , a relationship is all about being together but allowing eachother to be able to do their own thing, remember you can love someone, but you cannot hold them prisoner.


Just keep going for gold in your life, but dont be a doormat regardless of how beautifull a girl is, dont allow anyone to walk over you in life, the moment they see they can step over you, its all over.

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Ah, to be young again. I can relate to you pretty strongly, OP. In sophomore/junior year, I was desperately in love with a certain girl. She was incredible. Blonde, green eyes, gorgeous face and body, very intelligent, we shared tastes in film and books, and she was in my drama class, so I saw her a lot. We became good friends, and though I was in a pretty solid relationship, I couldn't help the feelings I had for her. So, in one of my biggest * * * * moves ever, I dumped my girlfriend, which I at the time thought was the right thing to do, and went after the girl I wanted. I got my heart ripped out. She didn't want to mess up our friendship, and she didn't think of me that way. I thought I would never recover, and I did continue to try for some time after that, until she and I actually had a pretty big falling out because I was getting to be too much. I eventually found someone else, pretty much on accident, and she and I did become friends again. And even now, I still occasionally wish she would have given me a chance, but I'm really happy now and she'll always be a good friend.


Something I've learned as I've gotten older is that it's important to learn to let go, and know when to stop. There's someone out there for everyone, and eventually, you'll find someone with whom it just works. I know it's cliche, but there's a lot of fish in the sea, and you've got a lot of time to fish.

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