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Remain By My Side


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Remain by my side,

I will not let you slide.

Pour your heart out to me,

And our spirits will break free.


Remain by side,

Let me hold you tight.

Have not a doubt, and shed not a tear,

For in your darkest hours I am always here.


Remain by my side,

You never have to hide.

There is no need to run, no need to fear,

In your time of need, I will forever be standing near.


Remain by my side,

As calm and tranquil as the incoming tide.

Our friendship shall never be bound by time nor space,

For what we have is uniquely ours, something warm to embrace.


Remain by my side,

A lovely girl who's beauty stretches far and wide.

I don't believe I can find the words to describe,

What she means to me, someone so unique, someone so divine.


Remain by my side,

For in my heart, somewhere deep inside,

Is a little place where my thoughts of you shall forever dwell,

My eternal friend, who in such small time I have come to know so well.

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