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He Got The Job!!!!!!!!


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Yayyy!! He got a really good job here in Tampa where we live working for Northop Grumman as a intel analyst!! Soo happy, so proud of him! We are finically going to be very well off! All these months with no job...living paycheck to paycheck. It was horrible...thank you to all you that help me with my budget.




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Gruman is a great company!


They make wonderful a/c too! I remember my flight instructor had this nice little American Yankee, we wud fly all over the islands! So fun!


Gosh, I need to move back to Florida. Got my aviation degree there..


In this area, there are NO jobs whatsoever... I don;t know if I could stand the humidity year round, but I sure miss the fact, I cannot garden yearround anymore..


I;m looking at my garden, thinking soon, all this will be dead or dying in a few months!


Congrats on the new job.. Nice to hear there are still companies in the USA that will hire workers.

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