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A really bad situation that I'm leaving behind...

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I'm going to explain the situation, hopefully it won't be too long.


I work at a video store. I guess you could say there are 'regulars' who stop in and visit me. There's this one girl, we'll call her "E", and she's 13 years old. She hasn't really had the best upbringing. Her parents are divorced and I know that has affected her deeply - she wishes things were how they were when she was younger. Her dad lives 3 hours away and from what she's told me, he reeeealllly likes to drink. She lives with her mom, her little sister, and little brother. It seems like her mom has it out for her. She's always telling me how much her mom doesn't like her and they are always fighting.


Until a few months ago, this is all I knew about her..

The tension and fighting in her house with her mom was getting to be too much for her and so she was rarely at home. I guess she became depressed, and she cut her wrists. Her mom found out and sent her away to live with her dad. Now E thought there was something wrong with her, and whenever I talk to her about the cutting she still does. She lived with her dad for a few months and it was okay - he had cut down on drinking. But, then he started again and she was really becoming homesick. Her mom wouldn't let her speak on the phone to her younger siblings when she called and would never let her come visit. She was telling her dad she wanted to go home for a visit and so he took her phone away, took the batteries out of the cordless phones, and cut off the internet. She had no contact to anyone. (He's also hit her on one occasion) One day he left for work and she hitchiked back to where her mom lives. It was very dangerous and apparently on the ride back - she got into a vehicle with a druggie and he tried to rape her. She got home, though, and her mom said she could live there again but if she screwed up one more time she was going to be sent away again.


She's cutting again. On her shoulder this time. She thinks she is an idiot. I'm really her only confidante, she always comes to me when there is something wrong. When she hitchiked home, her mom didn't know where she was - they assumed she was with me. She wasn't, but that's how close she is to me.

I feel sorry for the kid, so I try to be there for her.

Thing is, I'm leaving in a week. She won't always have to me to talk to. I'm scared she's going to end up doing worse than cutting. She also smokes and hangs out with a bad crowd. I've tried to convince her to straighten up, but no luck. I know she's not perfect and she's certainly made mistakes but her mom is just mean. It scares me to know that I won't be there for her as much and what could potentially happen...


I guess I'm just venting.

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You are a wonderful person for caring about her and trying to help her. Maybe you can suggest she see her school counselor when school starts.


Thanks. I think she does see one during the school year. I don't know how much it helped last year, though..

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