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The ex's friend desperately seeking contact with me.

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I'd say about... 2 nights ago, my guy friend and I texted each other to catch up. I asked him what he was up to, and he says he was with friends, including the ex (What can I say, we share people. Woe.) whom I pretty much kicked out of my life a while back since he was messing with my head and I had to call off the laughable "friendship" we were trying to build.


So, once he told me that, I stop texting him. I didn't wanted to know what was up with the ex. I figured maybe the next day I'll apologize to him and tell him my phone died. Naturally after a few minutes of no replies from me, he texts me again asking if I were still there. I didn't replied.


So here's the weird part. My ex's good friend whom we haven't really talked to for a very long, texts me, "Hello, is this J? It's me, N."


Naturally, I didn't replied. What made me sort of mad that ever since I changed my number, my ex pretty much gave it away to people like candy just so they could harass me over again. But anyways, I don't know what happened, but "N" got my new number.


So I didn't replied. He texts again, "Hello, are you there? Is this the right number? It's N!" Uhhh no crap, you're sitting with the ex who has my number who probably gave it to you.


So the next day follows, I woke up and I opened my phone. There it was, N's text again. He pretty much resends the same text as last night. Again, I didn't replied to it. So I texted my guy friend and told him I was sorry and blahblahblah.


So... I guess what I'm asking is why "N" is being desperate to seek contact from me after I texted our mutual guy friend while they (including the goddamn ex) were together? What the hell does he want?


Thank you, darlings.

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