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Hooking-up with co-worker. Thoughts?


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I broke up with my boyfriend because he didn't show me affection. I dated a guy for awhile who showed me a lot of affection, but who I didn't feel any spark with. As I'm single, and a guy from work has occasionally made a move on me before, I have hooked up with him a few times (everything up to the point of going all the way).


I get tingles when he's in the flirting stages if we sit beside one another but we don't actually have a lot in common. He's an incredibly interesting person and we talk, watch tv and have a drink or 2 before hooking up, so it's not just physical. However, I don't want a relationship with him. He seems to agree as when we're in the office, we don't look at one another and we don't acknowledge eachother. My friends describe it as "friends with benefits" though we're not even really friends yet either. The biggest reason I don't want to get into a proper relationship is because we work near eachother (not with eachother though) and I've never mixed my personal life with my professional life as I'm very ambitious, regarded highly and don't want to mess that up.


I just want other people's opinions here: Am I being naive to think we can keep hooking up without it leading to either sex or a relationship? Though I hate generalisations, is it always the girl who develops feelings in "friends with benefits" situations? Has anyone else reading this had a casual fling with a co-worker and come out unscathed both personally and professionally?


Any and all thoughts and comments appreciated.

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