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Broke Up - Now You A Crumb Snatching Friend

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Here is a rule of Thumb



Here is why?


It is self torture. I am speaking from experience. Yes you want to stay with that person. Lord knows, I want him back. But it is a mistake to be friends with someone you still love and want to have in your life. You have become a CRUMB SNATCHING FRIEND. You getting anything falling off the table.


You are losing his/her respect...your dignity...your -self...your self respect!!! You are INVITING pain, disappointment, and 2nd place into your life.


You are not a crumb snatcher, You are a Queen/King. You deserved GOOD LOVE....Not just ANYTHING you can get.


Yes it is painful. But you have to do it FOR YOU YOU YOU. Dont try to play the friend game. You can be friends when you are completely over that person. If you still think about them all the time...You are not ready. If you still cant accept it is over...You are not ready.


Be productive with this time now. GET to know and understand You again. Its your time.


I dont believe you have to be alone. The single lifestyle can be such a gift and a joy if you EMBRACE IT. Stop thinking you lost everything cause this person is not there. They are no longer a priority in your life now.


Focus on Your Beautiful Self

Focus on your family...your kids..your friends...your God...Your career...your social life....your home...your body...your travel arrangements....your new sexy walk..your sexy talk...your new bed....


SEE!!!! You have so much going on and you got tunnel vision. What you got to offer you? What makes you ALLL THAT? If you cant answer that question, you got alot of work to do FOR YOU...And its okay!!!! Getting to know yourself doesnt have to be boring. Go to the club and pay attention to YOURself. Become aware of how you feel when you see a girl/guy that you like...Become aware of what feelings and thoughts are going thru your mind and body. Learn your style.


Hey, I am still trying to get over my exboyfriend. I love him sooooo much but I have decided to TELL myself not to bank on him coming back. It breaks my heart but I have to embrace all the other wonderful things in my life that are there and not completely break down and act like there is no more to my happiness than a man who has left me.


A confident man/woman accepts change!!

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